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Who I’m

Abdallah Sabri currently works as a freelancer web developer and as a web developer in the Ministry of Transport – Palestine. He is interested in technology and business management. He has taken many technical courses, however, much of his experience and knowledge was obtained by self-study and experience in the field.

He has a Bachelor Degree in IT (Information Technology) from QOU in 2010.

He believes that technology is not just work, it is a way of life. Actually, it is life.

I’m Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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Software Skills


Bootstrap 96%
HTML5 86%
CSS3 84%
Vue.js 75%


Laravel 84%
Eloquent 89%
Entity Framework 87%


Administraion 99%
Theme Development 89%
Plugin Development 83%
Security 95%

Other Skills


Git 85%
API Applications 90%
OAuth Authentication 85%


On-Site SEO 90%
Off-Site SEO 70%


MS Office 85%
Photoshop 60%

Operating Systems / Web Servers


Windows 7 100%
Windows 10 100%
Windows Server 2013 80%
IIS 90%


Mac OS 80%


Centos / Redhat (Only for web use) 95%
Ubuntu Server-CLI 70%
Nginx Web Server 95%
Apache Web Server 90%

I occupied several positions throughout my career.

Before I started my online self-business.

I worked in many awesome teams in private companies and in governmental section. I got a great experience in many different fields in software development.

I worked with a lot of people with different ways of thinking. I worked with smart people, tough people and a lot more.

I work more than 15 hours a day since 2009, it was really hard but useful.

Web Developer


Web Developer

from Apr 2014 to NOW

Web Developer

Ministry Of Transport - Palestine

Web developer

from Feb 2014 to NOW

Business Owner

Batool Internet Center

Business Owner

from Sep 2009 to Jan 2014

Web Developer


Web Developer

From Aug 2013 to Jan 2014

Web Developer

Andalus Software Development

Web developer

From Jul 2010 to Jun 2011

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